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Risk Factors and Issues of Family Violence Prevention

Diana Makembaeva1, Venera Shapaeva2, Gulnura Zhunushova3 & Nurgul Koichumanova4


The purpose of the study is to identify the main factors contributing to the occurrence of violence in families and to consider measures and ways to prevent domestic violence. The main methods used in the study are analysis and synthesis, formal-logical method, induction and deduction, generalisation, and specification. According to the results of the study, domestic violence is a complex problem that arises in society under the influence of various factors that are characteristic of Kyrgyz society. These factors include early marriage, marital traditions such as bride kidnapping, and other socio-legal and economic factors. It is established that
to provide comprehensive assistance to victims of domestic violence, some changes and additions have been made to the legislation. However, the study shows that despite all the legislative measures taken, the problem of domestic violence remains quite common in Kyrgyz society.

Keywords: Legal Protection; Gender Equality; Probation; Temporary Protective Order; Family Conflict; Crime Prevention.