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The Role of Digital Technology in Countering Terrorism

Amer Fakhoury1


Digital technology has an undeniable impact on many aspects of society in an era where it is global. This study explores the vital field of counterterrorism by examining the complex role that digital technology plays in both reducing and averting terrorist acts. To give a thorough grasp of how digital tools, platforms, and methodologies support ongoing efforts to combat terrorism on a national and international level, the study examines the relationship between technology and security. This study examines the ethical and privacy ramifications of using cutting-edge technologies in counterterrorism tactics, recognizing the fine line that must be drawn between personal liberties and security requirements. The purpose of the research is to provide policymakers, and security professionals with information regarding the new trends and possible advancements in the use of digital tools to protect societies from the ongoing threat of terrorism.

Keywords: Terrorism, countering terrorism, digital technology, international law, cybersecurity