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The Role of Socialization Institutions in Combating Drug

Khawlah M. Al-Tkhayneh1


This study aimed to identify the role of socialization institutions in combating drug abuse from the perspective of the students at Emirati universities. The researcher applied a questionnaire to the students selected from several universities in the United Arab Emirates (Al Ain University, Sharjah University, Emirates University), where the study sample consisted of (484) male and female students from different specialties. The results showed that unemployment, bad friends, and the lack of religious values resulted in drug abuse. The results
revealed that the university’s support of the role of media, in addition to family’s control over their children’s selection of friends and promoting religious morals will, certainly, contribute to reducing drug abuse among the youth. Based on the results, the study recommended the necessity of enhancing the university’s cooperative role with the media to implement common educational campaigns about the risks of drug abuse and addiction, as universities can provide accurate professional information to the media. Additionally, the university’s role can be activated by enhancing scientific research about the various aspects related to drugs.

Keywords: Drugs, youth, the Emirati university students, family, university